Its the time of prohibition, illegal drinking, gambling and secret speak easy joints, black & white silent movies, the Charleston, Flappers Alcapone / Gangsters ./ Shoot outs and Federal Police raids.

Talula and her boys would love to show you how to have the Ultimate Gangster or Prohibition Party, Gangster and Moll / Sophisticated Art Deco themed wedding

All room theming, props, gangster
entertainment we can supply it all.

If you want a step back in time to the
1920’s, take a look round Talula’s gangdom
and see what she has to offer. Transforming your venue into a speak easy and making
sure the feds dont bust the joint is easy,
no one gets past the boys!

1920’s themed entertainment, full stunt action shoot out with gangsters, Federal police, gangster and moll characters, Flapper Dancers,
all Art Decor room theming and authentic
1920’s props a truly fully co-ordinated
event and much much more...

... but remember to tell your guests - if your names not down, you aint coming in!!


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